Recruitment Quotation

Recruitment Quotation

Addilon is a leading Recruitment Company in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo and Chicago. We are specialized to recruit managers and specialists in the following functions:

  • Technique
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Accounting

We are focusing on our customers in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Energy
  • Enviromental Technology
  • Industry & Technlogy
  • Medtech

Through our knowledge of the candidate market, passion for customer’s business and smart work, we identify and attract the Stockholm, Sweden.

We are driven by creating opportunities for our customers to achieve long-term growth through high-performing individuals. Most of our assignments come from long-term customers and their recommendations.

Our broad network of contacts in Stockholm and our research capacity gives us the opportunity to deliver top candidates in every recruitment. With advertised recruitment, we can offer the best exposure to the market in digital and social media.

Our customers are accustomed to making high demands on their recruiting partner, and we live up to that. We strive to be a long-term partner in recruitment and in the construction of successful companies.

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Recruitment Quotation.

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